Why Data Analytics?

At ICE Training our digital skills specialism is developing skills for Data Analysts, and if you have an understanding of and interest in Excel and Statistics then becoming a data analyst could be for you.


There are nearly as many pieces of digital information as there are stars in the universe.


According to the World Economic Forum, data analysts are expected to be in the top ten jobs in demand in 2020.


Salaries range from entry level £25,000 to £60,000+ with experience.


Data specialists are required across multiple industries, for example Government organisations, healthcare, manufacturing, education, media, retail and finance.


What is the digital economy?

The digital economy is broad and covers traditional IT jobs such as Software Programming, IT Networking and Data Analytics, and also non-traditional roles such as Sales/CRM, Digital Design, Digital Marketing and Digital Manufacturing.

Each role requires a combination of Baseline Digital Skills, Specific Digital Skills and Human Skills, for example IT Networkers typically require both IT networking expertise and communication skills because IT Network and Support professionals typically need to communicate technical information to less technical people.