Well hello there!

My name is Lewis, I'm an alternative web/brand designer and digital business advisor. I specialise in working with eco (not ego)-driven people to fruit their passionate ideas into blossoming trees!

The digital world can be a competitive and confusing place to navigate. My aim is to help you water, feed and express your little seedling so it can grow strong and shine brightly amongst the sometimes chaotic digital garden.

I help companies with initial design, web, graphics, marketing, signage, branding, flyers, converting clients, making successful videos, funnels, email marketing, landing pages, social media and general business advice....phew!! I like to see myself as an all round creative consultant using my 10 years experience!
When I'm not designing websites and bringing brand ideas to fruition I am teaching about health, nutrition and spirituality. I aim to combine my knowledge of tech, with my natural interest in alternative health and healing to help my clients find and express their unique purpose for the world.
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